Monday, March 2, 2009

Real Estate - Key to Selling For Sale By Owner in a Tough Market

In a tough market - you need as much exposure as possible.

Selling For Sale By Owner has many advantages - but it takes some time and a little cash up front.

Most of our For Sale By Owner clients save between $15,000 - $36,000 (depending on the price of your home). So you need to decide if it is worth the time and investment to save that kind of money. For the few hours you may invest - you can save the below:

$300,000 x 6% = $18,000 to Full Service Agent or $300,000 x 3% Flat Fee MLS = $9,000 to Selling Agent

$600,000 x 6% = $36,000 to Full Service Agent or $600,000 x 3% Flat Fee MLS = $18,000 to Selling Agent

How can you market your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)?

For Sale By Owner Magazines: Many websites (like ours) now offer online magazines - it is by far easier to search for homes in a magazine by price and county order - than to click here, there and everywhere - and then try to remember where that home was that really peaked your interest. Most companies offer FSBO Package Plans to save you Money with various ad sizes!!

High Traffic For Sale By Owner Websites: (Local sites are better for maximum exposure)- if you are buying a home in Virginia - do a search "for sale by owner in Virginia" to find the local companies. Companies that are not local have to charge more because they have to pay the locals who are licensed in the state to do the work.

Professional Signage: If you are selling your home as a professional - use a professional sign.

Flat Fee MLS: Some home sellers want to target everyone. If you are in need of additional exposure - you can always add the MLS. With the Flat Fee MLS - you have the exposure to the agents - however, rather than paying a 6% commission - you only pay a 3% commission to the agent that brings in the buyer. Our company charges $195+ for the flat fee MLS. Adding the MLS to your marketing package gives you the best of both worlds. If you find the buyer through your own marketing efforts, magazine, signage, internet - you don't pay any commission; however if the agent finds your buyer, you only pay a 3% commission. SUGGESTION: If you elect to go into the MLS - Do get a lockbox. You want to make it easy for agents to show your home.

Slideshow pictures: Show your homes features. If you do not put pics up - buyers tend to question what is wrong with the home - why aren't you showing pics. Remember the old saying - A picture says a 1000 words.

Our Licensed, Professional Staff: Most of our staff here at are fully licensed Realtors and can assist you with most of your real estate needs. We even have a program called "Assistance Option" where we prepare your paperwork once you have found the buyer and get you to closing.

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